The best water activities for the garden. Perfect with your AquaRebel shoes!

Children play with water sprinkler

As soon as summer starts, children want nothing more than to play in the water to cool off and have fun. With the warm temperatures, it's a great way to keep kids moving and entertained during the summer months. Below are some ideas for water activities that kids can do in their backyard to beat the heat and have fun with water in the summer. Of course, your AquaRebel play and water shoes come in very handy here. No problems with hot terrace tiles, no problems with stones and rough surfaces in the garden, and your feet also stay clean! 

Water balloons

Water balloons are a classic and fun way to keep kids active and cool them down at the same time. Fill a bucket with water balloons and let the children throw the balloons at each other. This is a refreshing and exciting activity for children of all ages.

Water sprinklers

Water sprinklers are a cheap and easy way to cool off children during the summer months. You can buy some water sprinklers and spread them around the backyard to cover a large area. Let kids run around and run through the sprinklers for the ultimate cooling and fun activity.

Water slides

A waterslide can be a great way to keep kids entertained while cooling off in the sun. There are plenty of inflatable slides and 'slip and slide' mats that can be easily set up in the backyard. This is a super fun way for kids to stay active and enjoy the summer months.

Swimming pool

If you have the space, an inflatable pool can be a great option for kids to play in and cool off during the summer months. This can also be a perfect activity for children's parties. It is important to remember that children playing in the pool should always be supervised to ensure they remain safe.

Water guns

Water guns are a classic summer activity for kids. They are fun and easy to use and can be used for individual or group play. Have kids play in teams and spray each other to create an exciting activity.

Water pumps

A water pump can be a fun way for kids to play while learning about the science behind water pressure at the same time. They can experiment with different water flows and the power of the water. This is an educational and fun activity for kids of all ages.

Water games

There are plenty of water games that kids can play in the backyard, such as water basketball, water polo, water limbo, and many more. This can be a sporty way to keep kids active during the summer months. Let children play in teams and discover their skills.

Basically, there are plenty of fun and refreshing water activities that kids can do in their backyard during the summer months. Whether it's water balloons, slides, or swimming pools, these activities can be a great way for kids to enjoy the summer and stay active. All you need is a little creativity and a garden hose! 

Child having fun with an inflatable water toy

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